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Why You Need Ad Campaigns

Get more eyes on your content with ad campaigns on Google and social media. 

With ads, you can reach the audiences within your target demographics who are most likely to purchase your product or service. 

Let's Look at the Numbers

 92% of people on Instagram say that an ad has resulted in them following the brand, clicking on their website, or making a purchase.

The average person using Facebook has clicked at least 12 ads on the platform in the last 30 days.

75% of folks say that paid ads make it easier to find what they need.

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How Can Ad Campaigns Help?

Ads can be curated for targeted audiences and seen by more people than your social pages or website. 

You can target people who have been on your website or who follow your social pages with ads to encourage them to buy more.

Overall, ads increase your brand awareness whether folks are clicking on your ads or not. The more times that people see your content, the more likely they are to connect with your brand and make a buying decision.

You Need Better Ads

Ads can be a great resource for small businesses to get the word out about their business. But, if you aren’t using great curated content with calls to action that prompt users to make a decision, your ads won’t be successful.

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Ad Campaigns Packages & Pricing

With a range of advertising campaign packages, there’s something here to fit every business’s needs, including a Custom Package to suit your unique needs!

Google Ads

Social Media Ads

Higher Sales

What can you expect from implementing digital marketing? Higher sales, more leads, and the ability to track exactly where they came from.​


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