5 Ways To Write An Email Subject Line That Works

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Email marketing is a great marketing tool. Email marketing allows you to communicate in detail with your audience and hold the interest of loyal clients. However, email is also a highly saturated marketing field. The average person receives over 120 emails a day! With 120 emails flooding your clients inbox how do you make sure yours is opened before getting moved to the trash bin? A strong subject line! Before your client even sees your content you have to have a good subject line to peak their interest in opening the email. We have constructed 5 easy tips to help you have the best subject lines for your email marketing campaigns.

1. Be short and precise

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When it comes to email subject lines, less is more. You have mere seconds while a potential reader is scanning their inbox to catch their attention. Lengthy subject lines are not eye catching and can cut off for mobile viewers. According to hubspot, 77% of email opens occur on mobile. To accommodate, your subject line should be 50 characters or less.

2. Customize the email subject to your audience

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One of the best ways to get a potential reader to open your email is to make it about them! Segmentation of your audience is a powerful tool in email marketing. Break your audience into groups based on career fields, job titles, etc and write a subject line that identifies a specific pain point for that audience segment. To pick your audience segments pay close attention to your analytics and what audiences your product or service attracts most.

3.Use numbers to your advantage

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Using numbers in your subject line can help your subject be less vague and more eye catching. Instead of using “Spring 2021 sale” say “Up to 50% off Spring 2021 Sale.” This also works for events. Instead of “Join us for our free webinar” say “Join over 50 attendees this week.” Using numbers can help present a clear message to your audience.

4. Use action words in your email subject

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Another way to get a higher open rate is to lead your subject line with action oriented words. For example, if you are sending an email promoting an event you may have a subject line such as “Attend our free webinar” or “Be our guest at our free webinar.” These action oriented subject lines motivate the reader to open the email and complete the call to action.

5. Ask questions

Ask a question that provokes thought and curiosity while describing the contents of the email. For example, Hydro flask sent an email with the subject line “You know these Hydro flasks are 25% off right?” This subject line tells you the content of the email will be a coupon while also sparking curiosity to see which water bottles are on sale. By knowing that you are getting a discount right out the gate but not knowing for what peaks the audience’s interest in opening the email to find out.

5 Ways To Write An Email Subject Line That Works

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