How to Make a Better Instagram Business Profile

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So you’re looking into using Instagram to market your business! First things first, make sure your business is using an Instagram business profile! When you create an Instagram account, you can switch it to a business account, which gives you extra tools and insights that normal Instagram accounts don’t have. Any account can be switched to a business profile!


This is the first thing everybody will see when they land on your Instagram business profile. It needs to be very clear who you are, what you do, and how your Instagram can benefit folks directly.

Your profile photo should be your logo or a consistent photo you use to identify your brand, so those who know and love your brand know how to find you.

It’s integral to include your website url or some type of landing page in this bio. You can’t place links on organic Instagram posts, so you’ll direct all traffic to this one link at the top of your bio. If you are posting about a recent blog or product, you might want to directly link there instead of your home page.


Instagram is all about finding the people that will connect and engage consistently with your content. You want engagement, like commenting, liking, following, and reposting, to be genuine and authentic. Similarly, your content needs to solicit that type of engagement.

It’s no secret you’re going to find more young users on Instagram than older. Remember this before deciding whether an Instagram business profile is right for you brand or not. In addition, acknowledge that Instagram is a platform specifically for visual post and engagement. Attractive and professional-looking photos and videos are going to preform better and positively reflect your brand. Blurry photos or shaky video are going to look amateur and low-budget.


Hashtags are SEO for your Instagram business profile. Hashtags bring your content to anyone who is interested in the words you hashtag, not just your followers.

You don’t have to stick to hashtags that relate to your posts! An amazing way to add value to your Instagram business profile is to use hashtags your audience is already using! Find out what your key demographic is talking about on Instagram and remember to tag it in your posts!

Adding the city or location of your business to your posts can help people in your area find you on Instagram as well!


Your social media feed is a conversation to your followers and fans. Every time you post, you’re saying something important to them in the hopes they will like and comment back, which is their reply.

How annoying is it when you’re texting someone and they don’t reply for over a week? For instance, imagine your favorite Instagram accounts posting regularly and then suddenly not posting for long periods of time.

Decide how often you will post and generally stick to it! Whether a few times a week or a few times a day, find out what works best for both your brand and your followers through trial and error. Your followers will appreciate your consistency!

A great way to do this is to schedule your posts on a weekly or monthly calendar!


Ah, aesthetics. The secret rules of how your Instagram should look can be tricky and confusing.

For your company, you want your Instagram business profile to reflect you in the best possible way. For example, use sharp images, preferably taken on a camera instead of your phone for a more professional look. If you only have a cell phone, use a portrait mode to have that blurred-out background look that cameras usually give.

Your feed should look like it all flows together. The colors and tones that you decide to use on your website and logo should be carried out in your Instagram feed. This all goes back to consistency. Your audiences should know exactly what to expect from you, and be able to identify it’s a post from you without looking at the username.

So now you know what to do to set your Instagram business profile up for success! If you aren’t ready to devote the time and work to it, let us know and we can help you manage your Instagram and other social channels!

How to Make a Better Instagram Business Profile

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