Instagram Bio Tips To Get More Followers

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Optimizing your Instagram Bio section will increase the SEO. This makes you more searchable on Instagram.

Instagram Business Account

First things first, you HAVE to make sure your Instagram is a BUSINESS ACOUNT! Why is this important? Business Accounts on social media platforms usually have more features, including Call To Action buttons, Contact Info, and Insights.

If you already have a Facebook Business account, you’re on the right track. You’re going to want to connect your Facebook Business account with your Instagram Business page through the Facebook Business Suite.

Since Facebook currently owns Instagram, they seamlessly integrate. Through the Facebook Business Suite, you can schedule posts on both Facebook and Instagram, look at Insights and Analytics, view and answer messages from both platforms, and even create Ads!

Your Instagram Bio Name vs Username

So, there’s a difference between your username and your name…

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Shouldn’t your name and username match? Well, not necessarily.

By changing your NAME, you can can optimize your account’s SEO. Instead of having your business name exactly, you can change it to more searchable keywords.

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This also comes in handy when your first choice of username was taken!

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You can see how accounts can optimize their searchability by putting their location in their name ⬆️

Your Instagram Profile Photo

What’s the best practice for your avatar photo? As a business, it should really be your logo.

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When getting your logo done, they should’ve provided an avatar option that would fit in a small circle or square. The Instagram profile photo preferred dimensions are 320 x 320 pixels. This is constantly changing, so make sure to stay updated on the latest best practices for photo dimensions.

Add Keywords to your Instagram Bio

Now for your biography portion! You have 150 words to describe your business and catch people’s attention. It can be challenging to fit everything you want into this small space.

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This account ⬆️ describes the purpose for the account and includes some hashtags associated with the account!

Hashtags don’t increase your SEO or searchability, but if you use special hashtags for your brand, for example, for user generated content like above, you may want to include those!

At Springs Digital Marketing, we created a list using emojis, but remember that line breaks and emojis take up more of those 150 characters!

Include a URL

Take advantage of the Website URL feature that Instagram offers. Since Instagram doesn’t support links in posts, this is the only place for it!

visit pikes peak instagram bio

Add your direct Website link, or consider using a platform like LinkTree, which creates a landing page that you can add many links to!

springs digital marketing instagram bio URL

If you have several landing pages or locations you are directing folks to, it may be easier to add a LinkTree, so you aren’t having to update that link every time you post!

springs digital marketing linktree url

Call-to-action buttons

A benefit of having a Business account is the Call to Action buttons!

There are several Call to Action buttons you can choose from and customize depending on your business needs!

springs digital marketing call to action buttons

To edit the contact button, simply go to your profile, select “Edit Profile” and tap the “Contact Options” under the Public Business Information section.

springs digital marketing instagram contact buttons

Recently, they’ve added options for calendar scheduling apps, food ordering options, and reservations! This is great for businesses that can leverage those custom buttons!

Instagram Bio Tips To Get More Followers

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