5 Ways to Get More Social Media Engagement

5 Ways to Get More Social Media Engagement

In the world of social media marketing, there is a misconception that simply posting and showing off your business is enough to succeed. In reality, social media engagement is not a one way street. To be successful and get your audience to interact with your posts you need to make them feel engaged. To gain more social media engagement involves interacting with followers, sparking conversation with your audience, creating interactive content, and more. Here are 5 ways to get more social media engagement.

 Ask questions

Want to know what products excite your followers? Curious as to what kind of content your followers want to see? Why not ask them! According to HubSpot asking questions is one of the 5 essentials to boosting social media engagement. Asking your followers open ended questions is a great way to create more engagement! You can ask questions regarding your industry and services or keep it light hearted and ask about the latest trends and news. 

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Special Offers, contests, and giveaways!

One way to get you followers to interact more with your post is to reward them for doing so. Let your followers’ competitive spirit boost your engagement. Having a contest or giveaway can be a fun “game” for your audience. For example, you can offer a giveaway contest in return for  likes, comments, or follows. Offering free downloads or resources is also a great way to get your followers to visit your website.

Use video more

Video content is a great tool for grabbing the viewers attention. Using video content can lead to a higher rate of shares which can grow your following and engagement. According to wyzowl people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content. For best results, social media video content should be kept between 30-60 seconds. 

Use polls

People love to share their opinion. Polls are an easy way for your followers to feel heard and provide feedback. Polls are also a great opportunity for you to discover more about your followers. As a business you want engagement and meaningful data from your target audience and polls can give you both!

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Try live streaming

Using live streams can help your followers form a relationship with your brand by seeing the day to day activities and having a space to communicate. Creating space for conversation helps add the human element to your business and give your brand personality. Your audience is more likely to interact with you on social media if they feel they are talking to real people.

Keeping it fresh on your social media and using the newest social media features can help you get more social media engagement!

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5 Ways to Get More Social Media Engagement

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